re:publica 2012

re:publica 2012



News of Johannes Korten's death on July 25, 2016, spread throughout the German net community.


Starting today, we would like to invite all those interested to create the program for the very first re:publica with us, taking place in Dublin on October 20, 2016. Our Call for Participation is divided into three deadline phases, the last of which ends on August 31, 2016.


This year we celebrated the 10th re:publica and what a party it turned out to be! TEN is NET was the central theme and the all-round design showed that YOU are re:publica! Check out how our designers and architects put it all together.


spring berlin takes its summer break. Our event platform presented so many amazing Berlin-based events during April and May – now it's time to welcome summer.

Speaker from re:publica 2012

Software Freedom Law Center
The Tor Project
Rädchen im Getriebe
Autor. Vortragsredner. Internet.