re:publica 2015

re:publica 2015



Join the Call for Participation for both editions of re:publica in Ireland and Greece in September 2017. We’re looking forward to your ideas for lectures, meetups and lightning talks – the first deadline ends on 25 June 2017.


How can we sustainably make use of the oceans without endangering them? How can we protect the seas, coral reefs and their inhabitants? Researchers probed for answers to these questions in numerous talks within the framework of the sub:marine topic.


Social participation, the right to the city, the right to internet access, diversity and open spaces in urban and rural areas – all these aspects, brought together under the Digitizing the Greenery tag at #rp17, got everyone thinking and are far from being definitively clarified.


 Do you want to join our trip to Dublin and Thessaloniki? We are looking to fill an internship position starting 1 July 2017 to support the programme planning and editorial team for re:publica Dublin and Thessaloniki in September 2017.  

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