Christopher Böhnke
Business Design Director

Chris is the Business Design Director of Fjord Berlin where he makes sure that the innovation and strategy delivered through service design is inspired by the business purpose and organizational set-up of his clients. He has studied International Communication Management in his home country of Germany, as well as in Mexico and began his career in strategic consulting after pursuing a Master of Science in Strategic Marketing & Consulting in the UK. Now at Fjord, Chris seeks to drive the focus on purpose as the core of strategy in business. He does this by designing human-centric revenue and measurement systems. These are inspired and lead by a clear understanding of the organizations that deliver a service and a repositioning towards core capabilities his clients’ teams need to compete in a future scenario. He has a two pronged approach for getting this done: combining the best of the creative process and consulting. At the beginning, he uses design to explore converging industries and levels of risk to outmaneuver the competition, he then switches to the consulting side in order to refine the idea and derive concrete steps of action from today’s reality to tomorrow’s organization. In this way, he brings both sides of his expertise into the equation in order to find a successful solution which both pleases the customer and boosts the client’s business. This dual approach is further supported by his involvement as a Senior Manager in Accenture’s Strategy, Experience and Innovation capability in ASG.