Fabian-Carlos Guhl

Fabian-Carlos Guhl is Founder and CEO of AMPION Africa. AMPION empowers aspiring entrepreneurs to create startups in the digital field in Africa. In 2014, AMPION facilitated the foundation of more than 30 startups in 15 African nations in diverse fields like healthcare, mobile, agriculture, energy, water and citizen engagement. AMPION mobilized 100 entrepreneurs, mentors and investors from across the globe to fly to Africa and work on startup ideas with locals on the ground. AMPION is the 2015 recipient of the Silicon Valley Global Ecosystem Innovation Award, and several AMPION produced startups have won coveted awards such as the Harvard New Venture Competition and the MIT Entrepreneurship Awards.   Fabian studied Media and Communications and International Business in Berlin, London and Paris. He worked in communications strategy at the United Nations in NYC and the office of the Vice President of the African Development Bank in Tunisia and Côte d'Ivoire. He was one of the first employees of DailyDeal, Europe’s largest Groupon competitor, which was acquired by Google for +100 Million Euro. Through his work with an leading ICT investor, Fabian gained expertise in how to scale an e-commerce business model to 25 emerging markets in less than six months. Fabian co-founded several startups and companies and is a former Director of the European Young Innovators Forum in Brussels.