Julia Manske
Program Manager

Julia Manske is a Program Manager in the „European Digital Agenda“ Programme at stiftung neue verantwortung (SNV), a Berlin-based think tank. Currently she works on the project „Open Data & Privacy“ focusing on the responsible collection, use and disclosure of (government) data. She is also interested in digital policies and data innovation in the context of global development. Prior to the SNV, she worked for Vodafone, first in the Corporate Responsibility department in Germany, later with the newly founded Vodafone Institute for Society and Communications. There she was responsible for several national and international research projects, as well as product implementations in the area of social innovation. Julia studied social anthropology and social science at LMU, Munich and UNAM, Mexico City. She is a member of Think Tank 30, an offshoot of the Club of Rome, and a Research Affiliate with Data-Pop Alliance in New York.


Zur Zeit gibt es noch kein veröffentlichtes Programm. Bitte schaue später noch einmal rein.