Ahmed Maawy
Executive Director

Ahmed Maawy is a Shaper with the Global Shapers Community (Which is an Initiative of the World Economic Forum) and an Executive Director with M-Power (CBO) and is also the Executive Director at SwahiliBox. SwahiliBox is a project of M-Power (CBO) and it will be Mombasa's most awaited Technology Open Space that will aim to create a technology ecosystem in Mombasa, Kenya that will collaborate (and therefore create a link for Mombasa) with the regional sub-saharan technology space. He is also a Software Developer with EveryLayer - a company that aims to deliver a complete, simple and integrated cloud-based software and expertise that enables ISPs in emerging markets to radically lower the cost of launching broadband networks with carrier-grade WiFi. and Appfrica labs, and a Technology Lead at Abayima. Ahmed is also one of the pioneers in the groundbreaking institution that aims to create a world without boundaries, The Amani Institute's Post Graduate certificate in Social Innovation Management.