Ellery Biddle
Advox Director

Ellery Roberts Biddle is a writer, editor, and advocate for the protection of human rights as they exist on the global Internet. She is the director of Advox, the digital rights arm of Global Voices, which is dedicated to reporting on threats to online speech, sharing tactics for defending the digital work and words of citizens, and supporting efforts to strengthen Internet policy and practice worldwide. Global Voices is a multi-lingual volunteer citizen media network that amplifies unheard voices and perspectives on news stories from around the world. Ellery is a 2014-15 fellow at Harvard’s Berkman Center for Internet & Society and has a dual Master’s degree from the University of Chicago, where she studied contemporary regional politics, media, and Internet policy in Latin America. She has particular expertise in digital culture and informal information economies in Cuba, where she has spent many months working as a student and researcher.