Simon Höher

Simon Höher explores human centric concepts of technology, culture, and society in a global context. As a strategy consultant his activities include helping organizations learn about ways to co-create their future, connecting people and communities in the realm of technology and society, and mentoring companies and early-stage start ups in terms of business strategy and user-driven product development.  His activities include chairing ThingsCon, one of Europe’s leading conferences on the future of hardware and the Internet of Things. Earlier he co-founded Knowable, a collaborative tool to co-create hardware projects and Polymer, a network for hardware professionals to find each other. In his work and studies he explores concepts of human-centric innovation, sustainable collaboration, and open / critical design. He has hands on experience in the context of impact technology and social businesses, international collaboration and worked in various organizations in the field of technology and development throughout Africa and Europe. Simon is a fellow of the European Policy Center's Futurelab Europe and regularly mentors at Seedcamp. He is currently based in Cologne - and he loves music. <3