Jesta Phoenix
Coach, Trainer & Podcaster

Jesta Phoenix works as Slow Business Coach with people who have already found What they would like to dream into this world with their work and now want to raise their daily How of working to the same level of happiness…

As a business coach and online trainer she accompanies people's explorations and implementation of their own intuitive time management.  She believes that happiness at work is not something that happens later as a result of outer events and successes. Happiness at work is the foundation for us to create anything of sustainable value.

Jesta is also a minimalist at heart and uses it as a tool to manage her introvert and scanner self who is easily overwhelmed by too many ideas, possibilities and desires...

At #rp18 she introduces some of her multi-tools for people to use in their work, so they can maintain focus on what's important to them and experience happiness as the combination of meaning + pleasure in their work.

Jesta was born in Leningrad, grew up in the GDR, travelled, lived, studied and worked in various countries around the world and now lives at the Müggelsee in Berlin with her wife and two children.