12:30 - 13:30
Autonomous, Distributed, Collective - Use Cases for the Blockchain beyond Fintech


What are use cases for the blockchain beyond digital currencies? Land rights ledgers, anti-corruption tools, smart contracts...There are many possibilities, and as GIG we want to explore a few of them from all over the globe. We want to discuss critical questions, but also the potential that the blockchain has for collective yet distributed actions, like co-creation and co-manufacturing.


Andrew and his team have been thinking about blockchain-based approaches to the 'MakerNet' concept they launched last year at re:publica - the idea of distributing a contract for manufacturing a product over a large number of small manufacturers. The MakerNet team have been developing a successful pilot in Kenya to engage local makers and digital designers in the production of humanitarian and development aid supplies.

Soenke is an advocate of Open Science and Good Science practices and co-edits a living book on Open Science / Science 2.0. He focuses on the blockchain revolution and what it could mean for science and knowledge creation. In general he is interested in developing and describing novel online tools and concepts for knowledge creation. 

Vicy connects innovators, makers, technologists and changemakers within GIG the Global Innovation Gathering and within the network started the discussion on how the blockchain might - or might not - help solve loval problems.

Come join us for a meetup and discussion!