16:15 - 17:15
Black Mirror – How smart our life is


The speakers will discuss examples of technologies presented in the science fiction show Black Mirror. Together, we will reflect on the presented technological capabilities according to our own fantasies, fears and hopes. The speakers will invite the attendants to explore the positive and negative implications of technology on our daily lives. Are these tools developed to make our life better? Are they monitoring us and diminishing our humanity? Are we becoming smarter or stupider? Is there a way back?


As an introduction, we will play a clip from Black Mirror to set the tone of the session. (max 5 min)

The session will kick off with the presenters showing specific devices or technologies which are similar to Black Mirror's. The audience does not need to know the show or any specific episode to participate and enjoy the session. (5 min)

From here, we will break the room into three groups and each presenter will be assigned to a group. The groups will have to come up with a story around the presented technology illustrating either its positive or negative impact on society or an individual's life. (25 min)

Each group will present its story to everyone. At the end, the presenters will come back on stage to show the surveillance capacity of the given technology as of today and where it can be taken in the future. (15 min)

The objective of this session is to develop the critical thinking of the audience towards connected devices and new technologies and to encourage everyone to take an active role in shaping those developments for creating and maintaining a society they want to live in. (10 min)