Disrupting Berlin’s club scene: TSF'17 music community panel with female:pressure, Creamcake, Koso & Lyra


In this panel, we will explore the disruptive potential of communities for Berlin’s club scene. The panel participants will offer perspectives on specifics of working with, and within, communities.


There are new genres emerging every day that expand the meaning of what new music is. The changes provoked by such expansion are evident in vibrant club culture not only in Berlin, but around the world. Artists are building their own support networks and growing less dependent on major labels than ever before. It is almost needless to mention the influence of the Internet: From UK bass, German minimal to Huayño the Internet offers space for everyone, and this space is becoming more and more visible in brick and mortar venues around the world. This increase in visibility is mainly the outcome of the work of communities, booking agents, and musicians.

In this panel, we will explore the disruptive potential of communities such as female:pressure and KOSO on the club scene. The panel participants will offer perspectives on specifics of working with, and within, communities. The limits, priorities, and values of Berlin's music communities will be explored and discussed in the panel. What does work within the community structure entail? What is the impact of a functioning music community scene for an artist? The panel will also discuss the role of booking agents and festivals in supporting artists and their communities.

After the panel everyone is invited to stay for a drink and to further discuss the topics!

Presented by: i-D Germany