The Evolution of Ent-:QX

Libby Heaney

Location: Club

QX: Ent-wining to Ent-anglements… This work speculates about the future of quantum computing and art, taking two initially orthogonal routes. 

Off Stage

Quantum immersive experience company, QX, delivers their roadmap to building the ultimate quantum immersive experience, “Ent-anglement”, utilizing their forthcoming 1000plus qubit quantum computer, Condor. Building on actual scientific research for quantum brainreading, QX’s immersive experience takes personal data analytics and behavioural modification to the next level, peering deeper into their viewer’s inner thoughts & desires than ever before.  Meanwhile, a non-human quantum slimeball is wreaking havoc on their plans by hijacking superconducting quantum dimensions to insert entropy - a plurality of possible alternatives - into QXs carefully crafted research.

This surreal, science fiction story entices viewers into the world of quantum computing. It highlights the fact that when future quantum computers are combined with distractive techniques already used on current AI driven social media platforms and within  Instagrammable corporate immersive experiences, they may extend current modes of surveillance capitalism and control. On the otherhand, the physics that underpins quantum computing is slime-like: particles behave like balls of slime through their wave and particle properties: blurring, morphing, melting, congealing & shapeshifting, suggesting that quantum computers could instead be used to move away from the binary to a plural landscape of deep interconnections, where even very notion of the individual becomes irrelevant. Immersive art experiences could instead be used to lead audiences into these new territories.

The use of any new technology boils down to the economical, social and political systems it is born into. This work invites audiences to consider the drive for solutionism and profit at the core of new technological developments and shows that other alternatives are possible.

The narrative is inspired by quantum computing product launch videos and a plethora of non-human slimy voices. 

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Libby Heaney photographed infront of her Exhibition "Ent-"
Artist and Quantum Physicist