FashionTech V: Game Changers

Short thesis

Two talks on Game Changers in Fashion & Technology: Making it Wearable for Good & Enabling One-off Apparel Design for the Consumer via Technology


Nicholas Caporusso: Making it Wearable for Good

In addition to being smart, fashionable and fun, wearable technology has the potential of dramatically improving the life of people with very special needs. For instance, by placing 54 cables, 18 sensors, and 18 actuators, onto the palm of the hand. In this talk, we will explore the journey of developing dbGLOVE, a wearable device that provides people with combined vision and hearing impairments with the possibility of being independent in communicating with others and in interacting with the world.

Pietro Oluyede: Enabling One-off Apparel Design for the Consumer via Technology

Everyone is looking for uniqueness, mostly into the fashion segment. Now, if you are a smartphone or tablet owner (and you are), in this workshop you’ll learn how you can easily design a one-off graphic that will be printed on the handmade piece of clothing that you’ll receive at home. We’ll demonstrate that with our app every mind can be so creative to approach with ease a fashion design process.