F*cking technology! Making love with machines

Short thesis

Let's talk about sex and technology, baby! A critical, playful and sex positive look into sex and technology. With my insights as a sex educator and performance artist that explores digital intimacy, I'm going to talk about how sextech can help us change the way we think about sex and make love. I'll show examples of trends in the field: Teledildonics, Virtual reality porn, sex with robots, online games and what these trends can say about human sexuality in the digital age.


My name is Maya, a performance artist and sex educator, and I want to talk about sextech! In my artistic work I create mediated intimacy in different ways and present how technology can be used to get us closer to each other. As a sex educator I help people learn how to create physical and emotional intimacy. My interest in both sexuallity and technology and how people react to both these subjects got me interested in sextech - the magical world of vagina controlled video games and open source vibrators!   

Cindy Gallop, founder of makelovenotporn.com, defines sextech as “Any form of technology or tech venture that enhances, innovates and disrupts in any area of human sexuality and sexual experience”. We are used to think about technology as distancing us from each other, but could it be a tool to help us get closer?  

Sextech is fun! It's funny and innovative, but can we use it to improve our sex life? Have a better understanding of our bodies? Change the ways we think about sex? What cultural and ethical questions arise from the sexual connection with our digital devices?

The talk will present the major fields of sextech innovation: remote controlled sex toys, sex dolls and robots, virtual and augmented reality porn and online sex. I'll present fun and interesting products and services that raise questions about the relationships between sex and technology, and talk about the importance of sex positive sextech. So hot!