The Five Eyes secret European allies


Did you know there is an elite intelligence sharing club called SIGINT Seniors Europe working in partnership with the Five Eyes? For 35 years, the club has operated as a "European bazaar" for surveillance, playing games of jurisdictional arbitrage, exploiting secret loopholes in domestic legal frameworks to swap and share data on each others citizens. For the first time we have the information to act, and we must!


Secret interpretations of secret law is no way to govern our world. By remaining in the shadows, our intelligence agencies – and the governments who control them – have removed our ability to challenge their actions and their impact upon our human rights. Trawling through clues in the Snowden documents, and declassified documents in the UK National Archives, we have the most complete picture we've ever had of how the secret club operates. 

Exposing them through research, campaigning and  litigation is the only way to hold them to account. This talk will reveal the results of Privacy Internationals investigation into the secret club, how European intelligence agencies swap and share their data, and their co-operation with the Five Eyes alliance!