Cancelled: How Tech Shapes Our Future

Dominika Knoblochová

Imagine how it would look like if AI became an inevitable part of every aspect of our society. How would this reality look like? How would it impact our relationships? And, what does it tell about our experience with AI today? Through creative and speculative activities we hope to foster meaningful conversations on the role of AI in society.
Hands On

How Tech Shapes Our Future is a workshop to explore, reflect on and react to the topic of Artificial Intelligence in society. Through thought-provoking activities (e.g. spectogram scale, discussions) and creative activities (speculative scenario, designing an object and role-play) we will speculate about how AI could shape the future of our relationships. Participants will reflect on their current experience with AI, identify and discuss challenges and opportunities with these technologies in the near future.

Workshop consists of 5 main parts:
1. Exploring the topic of AI and our positions on thought-provoking statements about the topic.
2. Identifying the full range of what the given topic contains, especially in the context of our daily lives.
3. Speculative and creative activity revealing what participants suspect about the impact of AI in the context of “relationships”, and reflecting their perceptions and predictions for the near future.
4. Collaborative designing of an object expressing the future visions.
5. Final reflection using the speculative experience as a prompt for our current discussions around AI.

Project Coordinator