Uros Rankovic

Location: Club

This cloud is the place to store your data - fears, hopes, anxiety, emotions in general so that you don’t have to clutter up your personal physical and mental hard drive. Step into the cloud and say something - break all your blockages!
Off Stage

We live in a time in which we are physically separated. A small but dangerous thing eats away our body. We can't breathe.
It remains for us to ask ourselves and worry whether we will ever be able to be in the community, in which we will breathe and speak freely. Can theatre, public space, or radio be the places in which we could reconnect after COVID and all the conflicts? Are those spaces potential places for collective therapy? 

Since we live in an age of digital revolution where our every step or search on the internet is being calculated and observed. Algorithms determine which video of some cute animal will make you laugh, what you will like, and to whom you will comment on the story. Has radio remained the only bastion of freedom or did it cease to be a place of free thought and speech due to the formatting process? 

In all of this, people seem to have lost the ability to listen, instead of relying on visual stimuli for fun and information. What would happen if we listened to each other again, at least for a short period of time? What if we could communicate again without any algorithm determining where that conversation would go? If we could say on the air our deepest secrets, let's exchange our emotions with others without it being Mr. Google. During this project, the main goal will be to find out if it is possible for the radio to be illegal and how this medium will collaborate with the theatre itself. The main premise of the artistic research will be the construction of a pirated radio transmitter (within an art installation) through which different types of speech and sound content will be broadcasted. The work is ideally designed as an installation in a theatre or a public space.