16:15 - 17:15
Immerse! new Narratives, new Technologies


New camera technologies, Virtual and Augmented Reality push the evolution of narrative techniques and new vocabularies for immersive and non-linear storytelling. These innovations affect film production as much as performance art and the production of comics. This is a talk about the immersive expansion of storytelling techniques, which will transcend different genres and media.


"A drone discovers an unknown asteroid. On its journey over the rocky surface it receives a strange signal. To locate its source the drone ventures deep into an ancient labyrinth. A place that holds a secret even darker than space itself." Over 2 years, Dominik Stockhausen and Philipp Maas, worked on their animated VR shortfilm "SONAR", which was presented at Sundance Film Festival this year.

"A dining table with chairs is placed in the middle of a white room. The table is set for five, and on each plate is placed a pair of special glasses and headphones. You sit down, put on the glasses and headphones, and..." that's "The  Doghouse" and Installation by the Danish collective MAKROPOL. The collective's Johan Knattrup Jensen says, that he loves a tight narrative from the masters of cinema. "But the idea of 'being someone' inside the film is extremely fascinating." Johan wants to create film and art, that does not depend on the medium, but on the transaction of emotions between the work and the audience.

Over the past four years they have written and illustrated a comic book called Hemispheres. It is about David Shakara, a buddhist monk who goes back down from the mountain into his home city to get some life-saving medicine for his friend. Down in the city, he meets Selah Ray, a graffiti girl who wants to fight for a healthier and fairer society. Both of them realize that the people in the city need to change their ways of living by changing their ways of thinking. Additionally they made a documentary called 'Vision to Life' which shows the creative process behind the comic book.

Lightning Talks + moderated discussion

  • Dominik Stockhausen
  • Johan Knattrup Jensen
  • Christopher De La Garza