17:00 - 17:30
Need to warm-up or cool-down #6? @ re:lax


If you are feeling a bit tired or overwhelmed from the sessions, come join us for a 30 minute energising warm-up or relaxing cool-down. We’ll meet each day in the mornings at 10 am and afternoons at 5:00 pm at re:lax space.

If you’ve ever been to re:publica, you’ll agree it's fun, exciting, intense, and sometimes, it can feel a bit overwhelming. That’s why we want to give you a little breather.


Take an improv break with INNOKI

This is a 30 minute workshop where we show re:publica the power or warm-ups and cool-downs. These can be used before and after a work day, during a meeting, whilst on break, or just for the heck of it. Attendees can come and participate in a wide array of warming and cooling games; team-building, fun, energizing, mind-stimulating, relaxing, etc. We'll play shorter and longer games, e.g. you could end up in a soul train improv line with a random re:partner or bonding with a new re:CoppenhagenClapper.

Participants will learn methods & techniques for getting brain juices flowing, changing perspectives, and teambuilding, inspired by improvisation theater and team games trialed and tribulated at the innovation consultancy INNOKI. This workshop reflects the re:publica spirit of openness, collaboration, new work ideas, keeping it real face to face, and that other good fun stuff!

See you there :)

P.S. All sessions will be different and moderated by changing teams of INNOKIs – so it'll be worth it for you to join as many sessions as you have time for to get the full experience ;)