17:15 - 17:45
Statement Talk
Networking the Global Maker Movement


A global Maker movement is emerging, but remains incoherent and without a universal platform. What could we accomplish if we all work together, and what might that look like?


Makerspaces are the emerging centers of innovation in a world desperately in need of new solutions, for problems ranging from the mundane to existential threats to our species. We see them as the forerunners in the democratization of design and manufacturing, the growth of citizen science, and the return of hands-on learning and skills acquisition.  We envision a world where these centers are networked together, functioning as nodes and synapses in an open, collaborative web.

The past year or so we've been modeling ways to link up the global maker movement into a coherent ecosystem, to harness it's creativity and skill in ways that are self-sustaining, non-exploitive, and connect it to the humanitarian aid & disaster relief sectors. We are in the process of developing the software at the heart of this platform, and have our first test instance running at our makerspaces in Barcelona and Nashville. We will be expanding to a closed Beta test group over the next couple months.

Going forward, we are exploring ways to incorporate blockchain-based smart contracting, redistributed manufacturing, peer to peer investment structures, and more.

We'll be giving a short presentation on our work to date and how we see it going forward, and then open up the floor for questions and ideas.