Next-Gen Concerts: Using the metaverse, XR, and streaming to engage audiences

alayna hughes

Technology is developing at a rapid pace, and with it opening new opportunities for musicians to perform and engage with audiences. But with so much development, where to begin? This talk will present how and what musicians can use to gain new audiences with live and recorded performances.

In the past years, several technologies have been released that allow artists to present shows and musicians to perform to audiences around the world. Music festivals are beginning to incorporate simultaneous metaverse experiences with their events, which include bonus experiences or involvement of local artists. Live-streaming of performances gained more popularity due to the pandemic, and artists are finding that they can find regular audiences and earn income from platforms such as Twitch. Other technologies have emerged, which aid musicians in creating more interactive and visually attractive performances, such as Volta. One major issue which prevents musicians and artists from engaging with this technology and more organizations from including it in their programs is fear of technology and unease. In this talk, I look to educate and dispel myths about these platforms and to provide a clear guide on how artists can get started. 

alayna in studio
Director, Curiosibot Lab