Open Hardware Gallery: Unboxing Black Boxes

Bonny Brandenburger, Maximilian Voigt, Thorhauer Frank, Daniel Wessolek

Location: Makerspace

Over the years, our everyday technology has increasingly become a black box. For a world in which repair is normal, technology must be reinvented. We show examples of how this can be done. We highlight open hardware projects which solve societal problems and can be replicated due to their open documentation.
Off Stage

ENG: We show examples from the health and well-being (, tools for using regenerative solar and wind energy, an open hardware laptop, tools for measuring radioactivity, and, and, and, ....

See some examples here:

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DE: Wir zeigen Beispiele aus dem Bereich Gesundheit und Wohlbefinden (, Werkzeuge zur Nutzung regenerativer Solar- und Windenergie, einen offenen Hardware-Laptop, Werkzeuge zur Messung von Radioaktivität, und, und, und, ....

Einige Beispiele findet ihr hier:

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Co-funded by the Creative Europe program of the European Union