Post-digital Angst

Mong Sum "Joseph" Leung

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By exploring some common forms of digital-related Angst from a philosophical perspective, the speaker will attempt to reveal how these anxious experiences in fact sources from our fundamental human condition, of which have nonetheless remained the same throughout time.

The ”post-digital” describes the current state of our lives, when digital technology has extensively merged with every parts of our existence, to the point that we can no longer draw the distinction between our lives in the digital and the physical realm. 

With the naturalization of digital technology, one could experience various forms of digital-related Angst such as the flooding of information, the loading screen or the haunting of YouTube videos. Based on these anxious experiences in our everyday lives, the speaker will attempt to deconstruct these phenomena from an existential and psychoanalytical perspective, thus revealing how these moments of “post-digital Angst” ultimately sources from our fundamental human condition, of which have remained unchanged across time.