Re:Fugee:Ca – Space for Migration Hacking [WEDNESDAY]


Workshops and Meetups for the exchange between refugees/newcomers and experts from in digital publishing, marketing, public policy, internet activism and newcommer engagement.


We want to talk with you about: Overcome the digital divide between newcommers, activists and experts Bridging the gap between decision makers and the actual needs of the newcommers

A voice for newcommers: How can newcommers reach the public for their needs and creative output? The event is a follow-up to the festival happening last year with over 500 participants Re:Fugee:Ca

10:00 Internal preparation meeting for the participants

11:00 – 13:00 Newcomers and (digital) Social Networking, Meetup

What is the state of the intercultural exchange between social networks and the “real life”? How to activists and newcommers use the social networks, what do they know about each other and what do they miss? Including  Firas (syrian youtuber), Katharina Nocun (blogger), Christiane Dinar, Konstanze Ameer (Amadeu Antonio Stiftung), Leopold Reif (yeepa, gamificated learning), Monis Bukhari (Syrisches Haus), Mohamed Jimale (UNHCR),  Birgit Gust (Koordinatorin für Flüchtlingsfragen), Katharina Niewiedzial (Flüchtlingskoordinatorin Pankow) Adrian Garcia-Landa, Felix Betzin (kiez.fm) , Rafi Gazani (Newcomer from Gaza), TeeKay (Thorsten) Kreissig & Moji Almoujtahed (Refugee Academy), flo fluse (Guide for NewBerliner)

13:00 Postcasting, Interviews and Talk

Interviews with the participants on the topic of online networking in the context of the refugee topic. The interviews will be part of a program on the multilingual radio channel  Kanals

www.Muckefunk.de , a project of Kiez.FM (www.kiez.fm ) with Felix Betzin, Adrian Garcia-Landa

Listen to the Re:Fugee:Ca Podcast with the newcomers Solara, Mahmoud, Mehdat und Throsten Kreissig of the Refugee Academy.

14:00 – 16:00 „Local is the new social”, Workshop Free WiFi for newcommers and established.

Connected risks and how to handle them. With Andreas Bräu, Monic Meisel und Elektra (Freifunk.net)
We made also seperately a lightning talk "Internet is Human Right"
For those who couldn't take part: Here's a hands-on Freifunk tutorial

17:00 – 19:00 "art & activism for refugee inclusion", Meetup

Artists see themselves as politically active and relevant actors in in the internet and social networks. What are the different approaches, methods and actions artists are leveraging. What experiences do the different actors bring from their different domains. with Mauro Mondello (political art activist), Sabine Kroner (Berlin Mondiale) Tatiana Bazzichelli (Disruption Network Lab), Solara Shiha (Newcomer from Syria/ RESTART/Artist), Halea Isabelle Kala (Photography), TeeKay Kreissig & Ammar Alhousaini (Refugee Repertoire), Jonas Nipkow (RESTART), Flo Fluse (Kommen&Bleiben)


Contact: Peggy Sylopp: pegs@pexlab.space  

LOCATION: between Stage 8 and Stage 9 (Entry at H07)