Resonant Signals - Community Sonification Project with ZLB libraries

Jamie Perera, Alistair Alexander

Location: Outdoor

A sonification artwork installed in the main Re:Publica venue, created by a people from diverse communities in Berlin, working with sound artist Jamie Perera.
Off Stage

At the Re:Publica venue we plan to install one or more sonification art works created by a diverse group of people from Berlin through a series of discrete speaker placements.

The works will sonify data on topical issues chosen by participants, and will be created in a series of public community workshops at Amerika-Gedenkbibliothek in May and early June.

The motivation and context of this project is to use the practice of data sonification as a means to enable a diverse community group to create their own work of sound art on a significant and possibly abstract issue that they care about.

Together with sound artist Jamie Perera this group will create a public art work that allows people to experience – and to feel – the issue they have chosen in entirely new ways.

This project will engage local communities, artists and technologists. This project enables people from all backgrounds to learn new skills in data literacy and also art practice as they create their own unique work of public sonification art.

Jamie Perera is an internationally acclaimed sound artist who sonified historical climate change with the score "Anthropocene In C Major", now touring internationally. He also recently sonified intersectional voices on Twitter ´during COP26 for The Financial Times.

Alistair Alexander works on art and technology projects that investigate the inter-dependencies of society, climate and global digital platforms. Until June 2020 he led The Glassroom public art project for Tactical Tech.