Rethinking Misinformation

Marcus Gilroy-Ware

Misinformation or "fake news" is often thought of as a problem with very specific, nefarious causes: new technologies, devious government operatives in faraway lands, and conspiracy theorists. In this talk, Marcus Gilroy-Ware invites us to see misinformation differently, as a consequence of how society has been structured.
Stage 6

In a time of reactionary politics, war, public health crises, and political uncertainty, Marcus Gilroy-Ware wants us to reframe our understanding of misinformation. We are unable to deal with the issue because we don't understand its origins. Social media platforms and mendacious governments are serious problems of our time, but they themselves are symptoms of something bigger. Just like the turbulent political conditions we are experiencing, the tide of misinformation that we have been dealing with in recent years has been much longer in the making.

An image of Marcus Gilroy-Ware on a grey background, with a dark blazer and blue jumper.
Writer and researcher