13:30 - 14:00
The Role of Data in Institutional Innovation


There is a new sheriff in town – and his title is Chief Data Officer, or CDO.


There are Chief Data Officer summits in New York and Chief Data Officer forums in Europe. And a figure from 2015 shows that 61 percent of CIOs plan to hire CDOs within the next twelve months.

Found most often in regulated industries, the CDO is sometimes hired to help a company improve regulatory compliance, data management, and data governance. In other organisations the role may also be responsible for data analytics or data science.

What does it take for a CDO to be successful? Is there a need for a new data culture in institutions? And how can this new culture lead to more innovation in practice?

JP Rangaswami has been Chief Data Officer at Deutsche Bank since 2015. An economist and former financial journalist with 35 years of experience in information technology, in this session he will be sharing his views on a trending topic.


Presented by Deutsche Bank.