The Shape of Things to Come


We humans co-evolve with our tools. This is an ongoing dynamic with key inflection points throughout history, such as the move to agriculture, and the Industrial Revolution. We’re in another major inflection point now, focused on how one of our most powerful tools, the digital world, is expanding into a new realm, the physical world. While until only recently “the real world” and “the cloud” seemed to be so different, we’re now seeing that there’s a merging of the two, and it will only increase in future.


Jeff will illustrate this new reality by examining some key technologies, including: 

  • generative design, changing the way aircrafts are designed 
  • robotics and digital manufacturing, like 3D printing bridges in Amsterdam
  • and finally, artificial intelligence

As digital technology transform the processes of design and creation, how does that impact the designers and users? Are these technologies also changing the way humans approach and answer questions about the best way to design or build something? What does this change mean for living, working and designing in the modern era?

Jeff will explore some ideas about the future, and posit what our future state(s) will be, sharing his viewpoint on the shape of things to come.


Presented by Autodesk.