Silicon Wadi Israel - Digitizing orient


Digitalization, autonomous driving, security and connectivity - those trends heavily influence vehicle development in the future. To meet the vast and fast technological changes, strong global networks of Research and Development experts are the foundation. Israel is known as a “start-up nation” – with high investments in research and development. But what does it need to enter a new market? What is necessary to find the best people and the most promising start-ups with the most fascinating ideas and products?


Israel is known as the “start-up nation”, or “Silicon Wadi” – and considered as one of the top 5 ecosystems for innovation and technology globally. As one example, we would like to introduce our Technology Center in Tel Aviv. The Technology Center is headed by Mrs. Adi Ofek, a native Israeli. She has been working for Daimler since 2000 providing vast country- and native language skills, as well as international management experience. She is able to give answers to the following questions: How can we better understand digital trends and demands to react more quickly and efficiently to customers' needs? Where do we find talents to intensify local R&D and how we can we intensify our global R&D network?

Join us for our talk with Adi Ofek and hear about her personal experiences.