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Stop Hatevertising? Why it is impossible for brands to stay apolitical.

Short thesis

Advertising has never been less necessary and at the same time more important than it is today. In a world where organizations diametrically opposed to the open society also fund themselves through established brands’ advertising budgets, it has become impossible for advertisers to remain apolitical. My plea: Let's rethink the role of brands and politics before it is too late.


Programmatic advertising, once the new exciting, super efficient online advertisinig tool of the day, has become highly prone to manipulation by populists and even terror organisations. But this is only the tip of the iceberg. Granular discussions around populism, social networks, hate speech and so called Fake News only conceal that advertisers and social networks have long missed the right moment to take a stand. There still is no clear vision about how brands should position themselves in a world in which they cannot control context anymore. Who is responsible for defining where brands want to be present? Who is supposed to define whether budgets end up on IS videos or fake news websites? Google? Facebook? Brands? There is a lot to talk about. My plea: Let's define it before it is too late.