Trial and Error Meetup #2 - Structures

Andrea Goetzke, Katrin Fritsch

Conversations about real and potential structural changes through web3 in the cultural sphere. Talks on - feminist questions about Web3 and more.
Workshop J
Meet Up

Space to meet informally and discuss about structural changes through web3.

With lightning talks:

Feminist Futures: Is there Feminism in Web3 ?
Feminist Futures is an ongoing participatory art project that advocates for just and diverse futures of the Internet. In workshops, participants discuss the current issues of the internet, and then re-imagine them through stories, comics, or poems. What results is an open source archive of stories that provide strategies for change ( In this meet up, we talk about the current status of the project. Then, together with the attendees, we ask feminist questions about Web3 - and create alternative visions for a feminist internet. Kathrin Fritsch