The re:publica Track – The Best of the Rest. 

The re:publica is about a lot more than just interesting sessions, talks or panel discussions. There’s all sorts of entertainment to be had outside of our “standard” program – thanks to your great ideas and activities and all the other exciting and surprising stuff happening off and around stage.

The supporting program, the evening program and all the colorful elements and features surrounding the event come together to make up the re:publica track. The nice part is that you, the visitors, help shape the event and make the re:publica the unique experience it is for everyone involved. Whether it’s the street musicians, happenings, interactive installations, PowerPoint Karaoke, field tests or flash mobs: many of the activities and events result from your Call for Participation entries (so, please, keep sending your ideas and projects this way).

To name just a few of the highlights from the supporting program of the #rpTEN: a comic exhibition, a boat trip across the Spree River to the event venue, FIREFIT Sauna, a 360 degree projection dome, an alternative reality game from the German Museum of Technology, the popular German detective series “Tatort” (Crime Scene), and so much more! All of this is open and available to #rp17 ticket holders, of course. That’s why you can help make the re:publica even more exciting by sharing your ideas with us. Don’t forget the re:publica’s great musical backdrop as provided by DJ sets and concerts. The same rule applies here: if you want to play your tunes at the #rp17, don’t hesitate and contact us!

Image credit: re:publica/Jan Zappner (CC BY 2.0)