Virtual reality throughout re:publica 2017

Recently, we've seen technological developments that establish VR in many areas of our daily lives and potentially change our media and consumer habits. These developments can be seen in the product market and the race between numerous tech firms is setting a rapid pace. It's not just the arts and culture being affected by these developments. The topic of immersions, the desire by users to dive in and permeate content, has become a central focus for many disciplines.

The field of VR is creating a lot of excitement in terms of new hardware products, from cameras to VR goggles and full-on VR domes. The 360 degree viewing format is also gaining a foothold in content areas from numerous disciplines. Along with gaming, the potentials of VR have been discovered by music and fashion industry, science, health, film and journalism and are using the technologies in numerous ways

VR experiences in the "labore:tory"

Our new experimentation space "labore:tory" featured 3 days and 4 floors dedicated to the topic of VR. The labre:tory, in the Kühlhaus, became a learning lab open to all participants who coul try out and experiment with various VR recording equipment and technologies. Last year we have introduced this experimental space to focus on the intersection of culture, technology and society. While keeping this focus we expand the concept to incorporate VR, AR, games, video and art installations as well as workshops and a community corner, where social organisations will showcase their work and “Love Out Loud!” for refugees, diversity and against hate speech, for example.

The labore:tory programme:

Ground Floor:

Stage L1: Main stage of the labore:tory 

1. Floor:

Stage L2: A space that breaks the barrier speaker-audience.

Video Lounge: Chill, recharge and watch our selection of inspiring videos.

Catering Area

2. Floor:

"How Was School Today?” installation by Stuart Sheldon: An art installation looking at gun violence in the USA.

We Who Remain (VR): An immersive virtual reality film that takes the viewer into the heart of conflict in Sudan. The film weaves together the lives of four people – a student, a rebel soldier, a journalist, and a mother – who struggle to improve their lives in the midst of a relentless war.

WDR - Inside Auschwitz (VR): A virtual reality documentary telling the stories of three surviving women. This is the world's first 360 ° documentation about the concentration camp and shows the enormous dimensions of the extermination machinery with novel aerial photographs.

Notes on Blindness (VR): An award-winning virtual reality journey into a world beyond sight.

Alteration (VR): A sci-fi virtual reality film where Alexandro volunteers for an experiment carried out to study dreams… He can’t imagine that he will be subjected to the intrusion of Elsa, a form of Artificial Intelligence who aims to digitize his subconscious in order to feed off of it. She’s a vampire…bit by megabit.”

Helmholtz-Zentrum Geesthacht Künstenforschung 360o: 360o dome projections by the Helmholtz-Zentrum

Auf Tauchstation: Das virtuelle Korallenriff (VR): An interactive virtual 3-D coral reef, in which you can dive in and meet the reef dwellers.

Coral Empathy Device: An interactive sculptural installation aiming to bridge the gap between the way humans and corals perceive the world around them.

DEEP (VR): A meditative VR game controlled by breathing.

Microsoft HoloLens: Demos of Microsoft HoloLens

Paintings by Stuart Sheldon: A series of paintings focusing on American society and politics.

3. Floor:

Mozilla Foundation (Monday only) - Workshops

Robot Petting Zoo powered by Sphero (Tuesday and Wednesday): Meet and play with a variety of robots including Star Wars’ BB-8!

Community Corner: A space where social organisations can meet people, host talks and speed dating sessions

New Dimensions – Virtual Reality Africa (VR): Four virtual reality experiences made in Africa: The Other Dakar, Nairobi Berries, Let This Be A Warning, Spirit Robot.

iAnimal - Animal Equality (VR): A unique immersive experience into the lives of farmed animals

VR Base (VR): Meet VRBASE, a curated incubator space in Amsterdam and Berlin focusing on helping virtual- and augmented reality startups and freelancers grow by providing them with a wide range of resources and making them part of our problem-solving community.

Motherboard: Motherboard’s Editorial Team will be based in the labore:tory for 3 days. Come along, meet them and take part

Naughty Corner: Experience the sassy side of LoveOutLoud through installations and a lot of play, featuring:

‘Viens!’ – A virtual reality erotic experience

‘Enter Me Tonight: Meeting in Virtual Reality’ - is a body of work, which questions the patronizing of human reproduction by patriarchal societies

‘BingOh!’ – Explore the great variety of nicknames for the vulva in a series of artistic drawings.

Photo credit: re:publica/Jan Michalko (CC BY 2.0)

  • Das Netz ist überall – und wir gestalten es. It‘s Culture, Baby! Auf dem Track Arts & Culture ging es auf der #rp17 um digitale Kunst, Kulturpolitik, Netzaktivismus und Bildung. Das prominente Thema: Virtual Reality (VR) und was man damit so anstellen kann. Ein Rückblick. 

  • Noch wirkt Virtual Reality wie eine Spielerei mit ausgedachten Parallelwelten. Doch Technikjournalist Luca Caracciolo prognostiziert, dass sie sich immer mehr in unseren Alltag einfügen wird – und erinnert daran, dass der Mensch schon seit Jahrtausenden mit Phantasiewelten lebt.

  • Media Convention
    VRBB invitation to our get-together Tuesday 9th of May at 16h, at our booth in Media Convention
  • Media Convention
    Eine Rundumsicht in die 360°-Videoproduktion. Dieser Workshop bietet die Möglichkeit nicht nur aktuelle Kameramodelle auszuprobieren, sondern klärt auch über die gängigen No Go's bei der Motivauswahl, etc. auf.
  • -
    In this session award-winning film director Ng’endo Mukii will talk about her virtual reality film ‘Nairobi Berries’ and give us an insight into the filmmaking/VR scene in Africa. The session will be introduced by the European Film Market of the Berlinale, which hosts a platform for collaboration between the African and the international film industry.
  • Love Out Loud
    “Auf der Schattenseite” is a VR experience created for International Justice Mission, a NGO that frees modern slaves worldwide, providing follow-up care and empowering local policemen and lawyers. In a reconstructed brothel we are sending the visitors virtually to India to be confronted with a young girl in forced prostitution.
  • sub:marine
    Unsere Ozeane werden durch die Kraft unzähliger kleiner Wasserwirbel beeinflusst. Vergleichbar mit den Zahnrädern eines Uhrwerks greifen sie ineinander und wirken sich auf das weltweite Klima und das Leben im Meer aus.

    In dem crossmedialen Projekt „Uhrwerk Ozean“ stellen Küstenforscher des Helmholtz-Zentrums Geesthacht (HZG) die Erforschung von kleinen Meereswirbeln vor. Neben der besonderen Wissenschaft ermöglichen sie einen immersiven und breit gefächerten Zugang zu ihrer Arbeit.
  • Media Convention
    Der Workshop gibt eine Einführung in VR Creation Tools wie z.B. Tiltbrush und Gravity Sketch, sowie in das Erstellen von einem 3D Kunstobjekt und einem animierten Robot-Character in VR.
  • -
    Two worlds invest in the new field of possibilities offered by VR: filmmakers and game studios. Linear contents with great image quality for a spectator living a passive experience on one side. Real-time environments with some technical limitations for a user/gamer living an interactive experience on the other side. Can these two worlds coexist in the VR market? Are they ever going to meet? If immersion is the essence of VR, what does it imply for these two worlds? In this session Grégoire Parain will give insights on how new technologies might change the range of opportunities for content creators in the years to come.
  • -
    There is a growing movement of people from all walks of life having psychedelic experiences for the purposes of consciousness expansion, creativity, personal growth and therapy. In this talk, Dr Bryan Duggan will explore the psychedelic experience from the perspective of Timothy Leary, Terrance McKenna, Alan Watts, Psychedelic Science and others. Further, he will show how how aspects of the psychedelic experience can be conveyed through immersive virtual reality by providing beautiful, psychedelic inspired, consciousness expanding experiences to the player.
  • Love Out Loud
    What are the benefits of using new technologies in our activism? How can virtual reality be used in campaigning and to which effect? Which techniques are more effective than others in advocating social causes? The presentation aims to answer those and similar questions, and to provide insights into the methodology of the work behind the organization Animal Equality.
  • sub:marine
    The development of virtual ecosystems with agent-based modelling approaches allows to study their trajectories under different scenario settings. For coral reefs this facilitates analysing the impact of different management options or environmental change scenarios. Including these models into immersive virtual reality applications allows to change the system settings (e.g. environmental impacts) and to directly perceive any according changes on its functioning.