David Schacht

Portrait of Artist Damien Schacht
Foto/Bild Credit
Judith Schacht

Trained in Sweden, but largely educated in South Africa, David Schacht is a highly talented photographer, graphic / 3d designer and an artist by heart.

He has been a creative director at a highly established brand for 11 years before working independently. He has a passion for art, the eccentricity and bio-diversity of the creative process, both from the individual or the work in progress or complete.

He challenges, inspires, debates and above all remains approachable and honest. Currently, David's passion lies in creating work built from recycled paper. From this substrate he creates sculptures, furniture and items used in brand activation.

He has exhibited his photographic work in Cape Town at various venues and well established galleries. He specialises in creative photography with a social relevance.


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David Schacht

Agoraphobia is an anxiety disorder related to being in open or enclosed spaces,crowds, or unfamiliar situations. The term comes from the word agora, which is Greek for ‘Marketplace’. People with agoraphobia avoid places where they feel trapped, helpless and out of control. Which way
does ‘The wind blow’ for the community at rp22?
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