Amy DeTavis

Amy DeTavis
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Amy DeTavis

Amy DeTavis is the Managing Director of a new startup, Dream Local, a marketplace for nature experiences around Berlin. She has a background in marketing, innovation consulting and product development. Originally from New Mexico, she moved to New York in 2012, and eventually traded NYC for Berlin. Growing up in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains has permanently imprinted the importance of connecting with nature, something that can be difficult to do in urban areas like NYC and even Berlin. This is one of the reasons that drives her passion for helping other city dwellers have access to nature through a curation of nature events on


“DIE NEUE WELT” - Eine interaktive Session über ein Buch, das unendlich viele Autoren hat. Und über Worte, die ins Tun kommen

Florian Hoffmann, Oliver Lange, Benedicte Ennis, Amy DeTavis

Florian Hoffmann lädt mit seinem Buch “Die Neue Welt” viele Menschen ein, gemeinsam an der Geschichte unserer Zukunft mitschreiben, in der Überzeugung, dass wir die Probleme unserer Zeit nur gemeinsam lösen. Grün und gerecht. Innovativ und inspirierend - auf
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