re:publica 2011

re:publica 2011



re:publica 2017 was amazing, and so were the visitors! Find out more on them here in our survey.


A new look for our next journey: Dublin & Thessaloniki ahoy! For re:connecting EUROPE, we came up with something special inspired by maritime signal flags.


The web is everywhere – and we shape it. It’s culture, baby! The Arts & Culture track at #rp17 was all about digital art, cultural policies, net activism and education. The most prominent topic: virtual reality (VR) and all the things it makes possible. A look back. 


The first submissions from our call are being evaluated now! Check out our programme for re:connecting Europe in Dublin & Thessaloniki. And don't forget, you can still hand in your own ideas until July 16th!

Speaker from re:publica 2011

Deutschen Welle
Global Voices Online (GVO)
Internet of Things Program Lead
McGill University