Become a Helper for re:publica 2017!


Help make our event unique!

Update: We’ve still got some free shifts open for refugees. Together with the ‘Be an Angel’ association and other refugee assistance actors, we want to make it possible for more refugees to participate in the conference as helpers. All those interested should contact us directly at help(at)

You're interested in the ins-and-outs of the digital society and are keen to make an impact behind the scenes at this exciting festival? We're happy to welcome you on board as an official #rp17 helper! Help make re:publica the unqiue event it is known and loved for. re:publica doesn't just live off of ideas, inspiration and interesting speakers from across the world. Your involvement and active support is key to its success. Support us for one day – catering and a branded helper shirt are, of course, included – and, in return, gain entry to the rest of re:publica 2017 with a conference ticket!

For the 11th re:publica, we are again looking for helpers in the following areas: assembly and dismantling, accreditation, admission, cloakroom management, info points, press and programme support, lighting, sound and stage management and network/Wi-Fi.

More detailed information on these tasks will be posted from March 2017. To become part of the re:publica helpers team, you need to register in two steps. First of all, you have to register yourself a volunteer account. If you want to have the best chances to get your favorite working shift, you can already do this here. The actual application for working shifts starts at 15th march 2017 on 3 pm.

#rp17 work areas in short:

  • We're looking for strong helpers to support re:publica's set-up and tear-down. Helpers need to be willing to engage in physical work and are happy to get their hands dirty.
  • At the accreditation/participants desk you'll be handing out tickets, wrist bands and the printed programme. You should be able to communicate well and have solid knowledge of English.
  • The same requirements are needed for accreditation/sponsors/partners and accreditation/speakers.
  • Helpers for catering support the catering coordinator. The work is physically demanding and helpers need to show flexibility in their work.
  • Helpers supporting admissions control are good at keeping an overview and are not shy to engage with attendees in both German and English.
  • If you'd like to work a shift at the cloakroom/badge station, please bring a good dose of patience and be stress resistant.
  • The info counter is the central point of contact for re:publica and attendees will pepper you with all sorts of questions: Where is the next event taking place? Where are the toilets located? In order to help our international guests, helpers need to have a good command of English.
  • As a press team helper you'll be responsible for welcoming our media partners and journalists at the accreditation counter and guiding them to the right place for scheduled appointments and interviews. This task does not encompass editorial work.
  • Helpers for the programme team focus on taking care of the re:publica speakers but will also be on call for any urgent tasks. Not enough water at one of the stages? A speaker hasn't arrived at the right stage? You're up!
  • Helpers assigned to sponsor management will be on the move throughout the STATION grounds. You'll be checking that all is well at the exhibitor stands and that the sponsors are doing well. A good level of English is essential.
  • Stage managers keep an overview of their stage and make sure that all speakers have what they need. Helpers need to have an understanding of stage equipment and be intuitive for speakers' well-being.
  • Equipment helpers (video equipment set-up and tear-down) support video/projection, recoding/streaming, lighting and sound and any other tasks. Basic knowledge and affinity for tech and equipment is essential. You'll need to bring work gloves and solid footwear.
  • Helpers for equipment/headphones will be stationed at the stages to hand out and collect headphones before and after each event.
  • Helpers for network/Wi-Fi will be working a lot with cables, cable ties and gaffer tape. Basic knowledge of tech and equipment and physical activity is expected.


Image credit: re:publica/Gregor Fischer (CC By 2.0)