#rp17 & #rpDUB in Images and Sound


Camera operator at Stage 1

And there she goes! The re:publica 2017 offered you a huge programme. Over the next weeks and months you'll have all the time in the world to revisit our eleventh conference through videos, pictures and written articles. Check out hundreds of exciting videos on YouTube, listen to the sessions via audio podcast, search through all the great pics on flickr and Instagram, read session reviews in the Newsroom and track pages, and review transcripts of the talks from Stage 1.  

re:publica 2017 – this way please:

You can already find nearly all the videos from the sessions on Stages 1 to 9, as well as from the labore:tory (Stage L1), on our YouTube channel: Videos are formatted under the re:publica 2017 playlist and will later also be thematically organised by their sub-conference and track. Recordings from the MEDIA CONVENTION Berlin (Stage 6, 7 and the Media Cube) are available in their archive and on their YouTube channel, sorted by stage and date. Background interviews with the speakers on their topics can be found in video format on dctp WebTV as well on the dctpTV YouTube channel.

Thanks to our cooperation with Podigee, we once again have the majority of the sessions available to you as audio recordings this year. You can find an overview of all the recorded sessions on our audio archive site – listen to them there with the Podigee player or download them in different formats. There’s even an automatically generated transcript, which you can read and search through. Thanks to the playlist function, you can also have all the other sessions from the same track directly displayed in the Podigee player. This year the audio archive site has a Podlove subscribe button for our podcast feed, for anyone who would rather have the recordings on their mobile devices or desktop as a podcast. Just click or tap and select your own podcast player. Should your podcast player happen to not support the Podlove subscribe button, then you can find our podcasts in the usual podcast directories or here, as MP3s in the podcast feed.

Our re:publica flickr channel hosts images of individual speakers, as well as re:publica 2017 snapshots in high resolution and organised by date in the #rp17 albums, ranging from the highlights to atmospheric shots – for both your simple viewing pleasure or press purposes. You can also find images from the last years’ events here. If you would like to use any of these images, please make sure to always credit the relevant photographer and check the related CC license of the image: e.g. photo credit: re:publica/Jan Michalko (CC BY-SA 2.0).
Further pictures of our sub-conferneces Global Innovation Gathering (GIG) and MEDIA CONVENTION Berlin can be found on the GIG flickr channel or the MCB flickr channel

The EJS journalism students and volutneers from Fink & Fuchs were very busy reviewing session and producing video content. Find all of these in the Newsroom and on the individual track pages, directly below the track intro text. We have been posting follow-up reports on all sub-conferences and tracks on www.re-publica.com. Find them via the tag “re:view”.

Transcripts from talks on Stage 1 were kindly compiled in english by our partner Whitecoatcaptioning. Download the PDF for Monday (Opening Keynote, Carolin Emcke, Frank Pasquale, Markus Beckedahl, Nelly Ben Hayoun e.g.), Tuesday (Andreas Weigend, Lisa Charlotte Rost, Gunter Dueck, Peter Neumann, Miriam Meckel e.g.) or Wednesday (Julian Oliver, Elisabeth Wehling, Paul Feigelfeld, Trevor Paglen, Usman Haque, Silvia Lindtner, Lisa Winter e.g.).

Looking for all available info on one of our topics? Use our tag system for guidance! For example, find more on #rp17, sub:marine, politics & societyre:connecting EUROPE our re:view series, more on the Kids Space or our fabulous #rpReview posts on the last nine re:publica years by simply clicking on the tags.

re:publica Dublin 2016

  • The sessions at Smock Alley Theatre have been recorded, listen to the speakers in the re:publica channel at Voice Republic.
  • Draw some visual inspiration from our one-day conference and browse through our Flickr channel. Photos from our warmup party the evening before are compiled here, images from the event itself over here.

We wish you lots of fun with all this content and we look forward to seeing you very soon at the next re:publica in Dublin 7 to 8 September or in Thessaloniki 11 to 13 September 2017! 

PS: You reported on the re:publica 2017? Then please be sure to send us your reports, videos and anything else you might have as a link, scan or any other format, as soon as possible. We’re already excited to see what you’ve got in store for us!

Photo credit: re:publica/Jan Zappner (CC BY 2.0)