Media Convention Berlin 2016

About #MCB16: „It’s an important forum, it’s in a good place, it’s a sort of engagement to the continental Europe market. We were very delighted to be part of it.“ Ingar Thordar
CNN Digital International
About #MCB16: „Germany is a very important market for Amazon, so it’s great to come here to hear from producers and customers about what they like. It definitely helps to do our jobs better.“ Morgan Wandell
Amazon Studios
About #MCB16: "Die Verbindung von inhaltlichen Vorträgen, von Virtual Reality über Snapchat bis hin zu den Diskussionen zur Netz- und Medienpolitik, sorgt einfach für eine interessante Mischung.“ Barbara van Schewick
Stanford Law School
At #MCB16: "We as a society should have an idea how we want to live in 10 or 15 years from now" Edward Snowden
Freedom of Press Foundation

Media Convention Berlin 2015

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