Take A First Look At the re:connecting EUROPE Programme in Dublin!

The Call for Participation for our north-to-south “class trip” is in full swing, and we are quite overwhelmed! By the first deadline ten days ago, we had already received more than 40 of your submissions, and so we just wanted to say: Thank You! Gɔ ra 'ma a'gətt! Ευχαριστώ!

And there is still time left: the second and final deadline is on July 16th. If you want to join us on our field trip, and become part of the re:publica Dublin and re:publica Thessaloniki programme, you can find out more here! We are looking forward to your exciting ideas, projects, meet-ups, hacks, safaris, workshops, and everything else you may wish to contribute to re:connecting EUROPE.

We will take a closer look at different tools that help us shape our shared future. Our turbulent times urge us to take action. But how can we truly participate, which tactics can we use in designing them? Psychedelics and speculation are two such ideas from our programme. To some these may sound like abstruse ways of thinking about tangible, concrete solutions. Even so, they both arguably have great potential to create visions and ideas.

What's the current situation in net politics, in environmental conservation, in tech development? Is your company working at the intersection of these key fields? You have time to submit your ideas until July 16th!

re:publica has a clear focus on diversity. #rp17 saw speakers from more than 60 countries come together, 47 percent of which were women. We'd like to achieve the same for #rpDUB and #rpTHE, so we welcome your support here as much as ever.

Ready? So here's a sneak preview of what you can expect in Dublin:

The PlayfulChristiane Hütter (game designer and more with Invisible Playground) introduces us to her ideas on how games enable social participation, by broaching the concept of systems and rules reflected within them. A “parallel world” is designed that allows for playful participation and rehearsal, and the scenarios developed are transferred to real-world processes.

The Speculative: Mushon Zer-Aviv (Design Lead at The Public Knowledge Workshop) will talk about the use of “speculation” as a tool: How do we get the future that we want? The increasing influence of numbers and algorithms determines the way we make decisions and design concepts and scenarios for the future. This is what Mushon will discuss with various panelists from Dublin and Thessaloniki.

The Psychedelic: Bryan Duggan (AI Developer bei DEEP) and Ciara Sherlock (Founder of The Psychedelic Society of Ireland) will turn to psychedelics: Shape-shifting reality can arguably expand the scope of our thinking. Ciara's approach makes the case for substances that extend the range of our perception and imagination. Bryan is working on a simulation of the psychedelic state within a VR scenario. Can this exercise be used as a tool to adopt alternative ways of thinking and processing?

More updates will follow soon! Suffice to say, you can expect a seafaring side programme in Thessaloniki!

Photo credit: re:publica/Natalie Mayroth (CC BY-SA 2.0)