Accessibility & Inclusion



re:publica embraces openness, diversity and free access to knowledge for all. That's why we are constantly working on making re:publica as an event as well as an organisation more barrier-free and inclusive. All participants should be able to feel comfortable and welcome here.

  • Accessibility on the premises: This year, we are pleased to be able to host the Arena Berlin and the Festsaal Kreuzberg, two venues that are full of potential experiences. Some of the architecture of the venues dates back to the 1920s. The Arena, for example, was built as a depot for the Allgemeine Berliner Omnibus AG. At that time, barrier-free access was not sufficiently considered during construction. Together with the owners, we want to develop the place further and are planning measures to make the Arena fit for the future. Some of these will be implemented for rp22, others are on our list for the coming season.
  • Guide dogs for the blind may be admitted.
  • We provide hearing facilities.
  • The accompaniment of a person with a severely disabled ID with the mark B has free entry at re:publica.
  • A team of sign language interpreters will be on duty on all days of the event. You can meet them at the info point every morning to discuss which sessions you want to attend. They will stay until the end of the day. During the day, the sign language interpreters can also be reached via the Infopoint—either they will be on site (if not on duty), or we can reach them by phone.
    Our sign language interpreters will interpret in German sign language.
  • There will be an awareness culture at our event. We are still at the beginning of a comprehensive awareness concept, but will already ensure that people who experience discrimination at #rp22 or feel uncomfortable or even threatened in any way will have a contact point to get help. You will receive feedback on your concerns or questions via our dedicated e-mail address awarenss at during opening hours. Our volunteers, who can be found at the information desk as well as at our Home Base (in the Arena hall), are also available to answer your questions. They will immediately put you in touch with someone in charge—and there will also be a place to retreat to in urgent situations at re:publica 2022! Our stage hosts will point out any programme sessions with content that could contain potential triggers in advance.
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilets are marked on the event map.
  • Changing tables are available in all barrier-free toilets.
  •  Parking spaces for people with disabilities are available on the re:publica grounds. Additional parking spaces are available a short distance away.
  • The entrance fee for the re:publica should not be a barrier for interested people with few financial means. We have scaled ticket prices. As a volunteer, it is also possible to help out on one day during the conference. In return, volunteers will receive meals on the day of assignment and free admission for the remaining days. You can find more information here.