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The re:publica reinvents itself every year. Re-thought – but not re-made. By renting, reusing and upcycling, we are able to avoid new fabrications for one-off uses. Recyclable parts are stored and leftover materials are reused in an upcycling process.

  •  Hire: For re:publica 2022, we will rent furniture, plants, planting beds, decorative objects and technical equipment, among other things. For all rental objects, we emphasise fibre-based materials and try to avoid plastic.
  • Reuse: On the event space, we use rental furniture and reusable, simple booth architecture made of FSC-certified wood. These wooden modules will be used for the sixth time at #rp22. Every year, baker's crates and colourful Monobloc chairs are used as basic elements of our look and feel. They have been a style-defining element of re:publica since 2012 and are cleaned and stored after each event.
  • Upcycling: For the past seven years, we have been passing on to friendly festivals and initiatives materials and furniture that we cannot reuse or store after a re:publica in order to use them for their event - e.g. off-cuts, used Molton, screws or Forrex panels. Examples: The "Immergut Festival" built a bar out of wood and silk screen panels from the re:publica. The "Hedonists" have adopted molton and cardboard. Mirrors that were used at #rpTEN were reused at "Fusion", the "MELT Festival" and the "Tech Open Air". We also receive material from other actors and events: For #rp19, adidas gave us green carpets for our meadow landscape in the so-called "Community Garden", among other things.