As of 2022, the catering at re:publica will be completely meat-free - both for participants and for the crew. Our goal is to switch to a completely vegan offer in the long term and to further reduce waste.

  •  Ingredients: Our service providers primarily use fresh, seasonal products of regional origin and, wherever possible, organic quality. Coffee and tea are fair trade and organic. 
  • Waste prevention: Participants can bring their own water bottles and a multi-use cup for the catering service. Additionally, compostable disposable cups, disposable tableware and cutlery made from palm leaves or wood will be used by the catering service. We will explore alternatives for #rp22.
  • Avoiding food waste: The calculation of our caterers is based on the fact that offered items could run out and thus be sold out.
  • Challenge: We would like to donate food. However, due to the current hygiene guidelines, this simply isn't possible.