Do I get a fee as a moderator?



That depends.

The re:publica programme consists of submissions from our Call for Participation (CfP), content from our partners, and programme content compiled and curated by our programme team.

  • CfP submissions should be complete by the submission deadline, i.e., in the case of discussion panels, interviews, and so on, please already include a moderator. If this is not the case, we recommend someone from our moderator pool (= the list of moderators from past re:publicas). As with all CfP submissions, we do not cover fees for moderation here.
  • Our partners can book programme slots. In consultation with our programme team, the content, speakers and moderators are jointly determined. The organization of the session is usually taken over by the respective partner, and thus also the costs for any fees or other expenses of the speakers and/or presenters involved. If necessary, we recommend moderators and establish contact. The commissioning and remuneration lies with the respective partner.
  • The re:publica programme team plans, curates and organizes the sessions on our main stage, important talks, interviews and panels on our thematic focal points, as well as programme content that we design together with co-curators from our community. We specifically request moderators for these cases. They usually come from our community and receive a small allowance based on the size of the stage and the complexity of the topic.

All our moderators receive access to all three days of the event as well as catering in the day of their moderation activity.