I have ordered tickets but have not received them. Why?



To receive and view your ticket(s), follow the link in the order confirmation or payment receipt that you both received by email. After following the link, you can easily download or display your ticket as a PDF file.

Didn't receive any emails with a link? Please check your SPAM folder. Nothing there either? You are however sure that made a payment? Then please contact us with the proof of payment via e-mail ticket (at) re-publica.com.

Depending on the payment method selected, tickets are displayed directly or after the payment has been processed. With "Paypal" or credit card payment, this processing may be faster than prepayment.

If tickets are not displayed even though you have proof of payment, please email ticket (at) re-publica.com with the proof of payment.

Please note: Prepayments may take a few days to process.