I would like to be a moderator or stage host. Is that possible?

Of course! We welcome your volunteerism and interest! Write to the program team: programme@re-publica.com

At re:publica, we distinguish between stage hosts and moderators.

Stage hosts are hosting a stage for one day (the technical support is provided by our stage managers). They lead through the day,  programme points on and off and moderate the Q&A at the end of a session. They also announce changes in the schedule or point out highlights on the festival grounds.

If you would like to be a stage host at re:publica, please send us an email to: programme@re-publica.com.

Moderators conduct interviews, fire side chats or lead a discussion panel. This means that they are, just like the speakers, an elementary part of a session. We have a pool of moderators who have moderated at re:publica in the past.

If you would like to moderate a session with us, please send us an email (programme@re-publica.com) with some information about your previous moderation experience and the topics you are interested in. Depending on the size of the stage and the content, we have full professionals as well as talented amateurs.