Merch & Goodies



We want to avoid buying new materials and producing seasonal items. If this is not possible, we take into account sustainable standards, i.e. environmental and social compatibility, in new purchases and production. In particular, we rely on recycled materials.

  •  Merchandise items are produced on demand in the "re:publica Sweat Shop". Shirts and bags can be printed and recycled on site.
  • Since 2018, we have been producing lanyards from recycled plastic. For #rp22 we have decided not to produce new lanyards, but ask participants to bring old ones and reuse them.
  • For #rp22, we are doing without a printed programme flyer. Instead, there is now a re:publica app.
  • The primary goal in purchasing is reusability.
  • Recycled paper will be used for printed materials and printed on both sides.
  • Give-aways are only accepted in exceptional cases and only if they have an explicit added value for the participants and were not produced solely for the event.
  • After each event, we critically evaluate which seasonal and temporary acquisitions we actually still need and/or have produced.