re:publica is all about encounters—the planned ones as well as the random ones: At our last analogue edition in 2019, we had 950 international speakers from over 70 countries and counted a total of 25,000 visits during the three days of the conference. While we love these numbers, we seriously have to cut our greenhouse gas emissions in the area of mobility. Major factors in this are transport for production and travel of participants and speakers.

  • The venues of re:publica are easily accessible by public transport. 
  • We recommend that our participants travel by public transport.
  • We will not create any new or additional parking spaces.
  • Speakers within Germany and ideally also within Europe will travel by train. 
  • We intentionally work with service providers from Berlin and the surrounding area in order to keep transport distances as short as possible.
  • Most of the speakers and artists come from Berlin or the surrounding area. 
  • Car and bike sharing stations are located near the festival site.
  • Charging stations for electric cars are available near the venue.
  • Our warehouse is located near the festival site. Access is therefore short here as well.
  • Hotels for crew and speakers are well connected with public transport to the festival, some even within walking distance.
  • Most of the team members travel to the re:publica site by bike or public transport.