Step by step: How does the profile registration work and how do I submit my idea to the Call for Participation?



Important: You can only submit a proposal once you are registered with a profile. Please note that your CfP contributions can only be accepted if you have completely filled out your profile by the respective deadline:

August 6, 2023 (23:59)

Step 1:   Update the profile or register a new account

a) You have been a speaker at a re:publica before and already have an account? Then you can log in here with your profile name or your registered email address and update your profile if necessary. For you, please continue with Step 2.

b) You are not registered yet? Then please proceed as follows:

  • Provide a working email address. This is the only way we can send you important information, such as feedback and/or questions about your submission. Note: Your email address will not be published. You can have your profile deleted at any time.
  • Choose a profile name (TIP: If you choose a combination of your first and last name, we can find you better in case of queries).
  • Click on the button "Create new account". A welcome message with further instructions will be sent directly to your email address.
  • The link is active for a limited time. (Depending on your email provider it can take up to 15 minutes until you receive the link (Attention: valid only once!). Please also check your spam folder if necessary). Once you have received the link, click on it to activate it and then click on the "Sign up" button. Then you will be on the page where you can set your password and fill in your profile details.

Please fill out your profile completely.
We recommend that you have the information requested in the mandatory fields ready, such as the photo in the correct size (max. 800 KB). Mandatory fields are marked with an asterisk (*).

  • Enter your first name ("Name") and last name ("Last  name/Alias/Collective/Group). If you are more than one contributor of a group/collective, you can also leave the "Name" field blank and enter the name of your group or collective) 
  • Upload a photo of yourself. Please take into account the specified dimensions for your photo:
    • 800 KB limit → We can recommend you this tool for image compression.
    • Format: png, gif, jpg, jpeg
    • The image must be larger than 480x480 pixels. All images larger than 1024x1024 pixels will be resized.
    • Enter a photo credit or specify "Private"
  • Fill in the short biography (maximum 2,000 characters)
  • Under "Work", please enter the link to your or your organization's website ("URL")
  • Enter the name of your organization ("Link Text")
  • Optionally, you can also enter your position/function within the organization (e.g. job title:software engineer)
  • Your Twitter, Instagram, TikTok handle or other related links that introduce you and your work can optionally be added
  • A balanced, diverse event is very important to us. By filling out the statistical information on origin, gender, and year of birth, you are making it measurable for us to see if we are succeeding.
  • Please tick the box "Consent to be contacted". This will allow us to contact you as part of the CfP process and in preparation in advance of your session.
  • Please enter a working mobile number - of yourself or of a person we can contact you in urgent cases, e.g. on festival days.
  • Do you want to receive our newsletter? - Then check the box "Please send me the re:publica newsletter".
  • Finally, you can select the language setting (German or English) and your time zone, so that dates and times of the website are displayed for your selected time zone.
  • Save everything and voilà - done.

Step 2: Navigation after login

When you log in, you will be taken directly to the "Dashboard". 

  • Here you can find all about the CfP and read the CfP Guidelines again
  • find the shortcut to the FAQs
  • directly create a session
  • or request support 

At the top of the tab you will see shortcuts to the following pages highlighted in black:

  • "My Dashboard": Clicking on this will take you to the home page with the standard menu.
  • "Submit Session": This will take you to the menu with the festival sections and links to the corresponding CfP forms
  • "FAQ": Here you will find detailed information about the festival as well as about the CfP
  • "My profile": Your profile will be displayed and you can choose different modes. In "View" you see the web representation of your profile. With a click on "Edit" you can edit your profile.

Step 3: And now the most important: Submit a session

  • First of all, read the CfP Guidelines.
  • For detailed information on how to submit, see the FAQ, including "What distinguishes a good session?" and "What is the maximum length of the description text for my submission/session?".
  • Click on "Submit a session" in the tab or in the dashboard
  • You will reach the overview with the festival sections. Each area has its own CfP form.
  • Select the section for which you want to submit an idea and click the button "Submit session" below it.
  • Now the corresponding CfP form for the festival section will open and you are ready to go.
  • Read through the CfP form so that you can fill in all mandatory fields marked with a red star and have already received the important tips.
  • Now you can fill in all the information you want - you can find hints for the individual fields directly in the CfP form or in our FAQ. All CfP forms ask for the following standard information:
    • CfP Guidelines: Confirm that you have read and agree with them.
    • Title (180 characters)
    • Info / Teaser (350 characters)
    • Description (1000 characters)
    • Tracks (In which thematic field does your idea fit? You can find an overview here)
    • Format (You can find an overview of the formats in the festival areas here)
    • Language (German, English)
    • Contributors (add them by entering the profile name - this person must already have a profile)
    • Moderator (add by entering the profile name - this person must already have a profile)
    • Your experience as a presenter: audio or video, links to events
    • Duration of your session
    • Comment / Other details / Technical details (enter details about your session here, especially if you are planning a spectacular special format that requires delivery or special handling)

Did you read the CfP Guidelines?

Then please click on "Save" and tadaa: you did it! Your proposal has arrived!

Once you have saved your session and you see it in your dashboard ("My Dashboard"), the programme team will be able to view it as well.

Not much time?
Click "Save" in between, you can continue later. That's no problem. But: By the deadline of the CfP, the session must be completed incl. all contributors!
Please note: You can log back in at any time and edit your session until the deadline. To do so, go to the website:

All this is no witchcraft: as long as this description is, so brief is the process.

Step 4: Add contributors

If you are planning a session with multiple contributors, each person must create a profile and enter their profile name.

Click on "Add another item" in the "Participants" section of the CfP form to add another person field.

Then enter the profile name in the "speakers/ performers / artists " field and wait for the autocomplete to search for the profile name in our database.

Step 5: Finally - logout.

Thank you for wanting to contribute to re:publica x Reeperbahn Festival 2023. 
We look forward to your submission!